What We’re Listening To

Adan Bean

When Adán Bean is not trying to keep the Check Engine light off in his Honda Civic, he’s somewhere fulfilling his duties as a writer, musician and emcee. He hails from Massillon, OH but has called Atlanta home for almost 10 years. One half of the retro-progressive hip hop band, The Remnant, they’ve just released their 3rd album titled “Indian Summer”. He’s also an accomplished SEM copywriter and contributing writer to several online properties, now including Forth District.

Dan Duncan

Dan Duncan is a history nerd and hip hop junkie. While he spends most of this time working as the Lead Editor and Producer at Remedy Films, any spare time is spent traveling the world and experiencing different cultures with his wife Allison. Finding and telling stories is Dan’s greatest passion whether that be through film, writing, or photography. They're all tools that connect the world with his heart and experiences. Dan can generally be picked out of a crowd as he'll likely have his 70 lb German Shepherd, Marley, in tow. And yes, she's named after his favorite artist!

Amisho Baraka

Educated at Tuskegee University and the University of North Texas, Amisho studied Television/Film, Anthropology and English. He has become a philosopher, academic, activist, artist, and deep thinker in contemporary culture. He has spent 7 years traveling as a recording artist and public speaker. He has done numerous activist works overseas ranging from Race relations in South Africa to establishing musical co-horts in Indonesia. He now desires to blend his artistic platform with his academic leanings to contribute a unique perspective in both arenas in hopes of raising the standard, thereby raising the culture.

Catalina Bellizzi

Catalina Bellizzi is a visual artist, educator, song writer, and founder of YOUNG LADY creative brand for women in the arts (youngxlady.com) hailing from the best city in the midwest, Chicago. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011 with a degree in fine arts and art education. She now divides her time between teaching elementary school art in the inner city, running YOUNG LADY, laughing at her own jokes, working on music, and some collaborative illustration/writing pieces here and there.

Damon Sumner

Damon Sumner is originally from the red-dirt roads of Shreveport, Louisiana. He'd leave "The Boot" eventually and attend the University of North Texas, where he'd graduate with a degree in journalism. Damon currently resides in Atlanta with his out-of-his-league wife, KaToya, and their two kids, Mission and Liv. Damon is a comedian and a teacher on the side. If he's not slanging jokes, he enjoying family time or stuffing his face into his favorite dessert, cheesecake!

David Perdue

David Perdue is quite simply just a dude...a dude that is clearly out of his mind. Some would say a comedian even. He has performed stand-up comedy all across the southeast, mystifying audiences with his lack of wit & disproportionate confidence to ability ratio. He enjoys America, Dance 360, Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years & Corn Dogs. In all seriousness David Perdue is the funniest person to ever be named David Perdue.

Jonathan Watson

Jonathan grew up just south of Atlanta before he attend the University of Georgia in 2005. He is an avid Georgia football fan and still visits Athens frequently. After college, Jonathan moved out west to the promised land of Colorado where he found out he was actually supposed to be born on top of a mountain with skis strapped to his feet. While in Colorado, he found his passion for all things outdoors, including, but not limited to, hiking, running, mountain biking, road biking, triathlon, skiing, and porch sitting. (But snowboarding sucks.) Jonathan now resides in Atlanta with his amazing wife, Kiara, where he leads a group of middle school students in their relationship with Jesus. Jonathan reads everything he can get his hands on and has recently discovered his passion for writing.

Jon Parker

Jon A. Parker, MAMFT Counselor. Life Coach. Social Provocateur. JP is a professional side kick. He enjoys riding motorcycles, globe trotting, and collecting pint glasses. Jon is a licensed counselor, a marriage and family therapist, and life coach. He also moonlights as a branding consultant and dabbles in artist management. Jon strongly believes that self care i.e. vacations and massages are keys to longevity and creative thinking. Jon is passionate about social justice and improving the human condition across the globe. #WESHALLOVERCOME

Korin Reid

At no fault of her own (blame her parents), Korin Reid’s first language is sarcasm, with English coming as a close second. She learned early on that she could elude punishment by making her father laugh, so she was raised to be witty albeit poorly behaved. Korin Reid is also Data Scientist who enjoys building machine learning/predictive modeling applications within the Hadoop ecosystem and is a big fan of open source Big Data tools, especially Apache Spark. Korin also earned her Phd in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech, designing bio-refinery networks for the conversion of switchgrass to bio-oil via fast pyrolysis using Geographic Information System Tools, crop yield modeling, and Mixed Integer Linear Programming Optimization Models. Basically, where data and modeling exists Korin will be also. She is also passionate about mentoring youth and loves to teach coding and STEM skills to the next generation, particularly women and underrepresented minorities.

Leonard Matlock

Leonard Matlock is just a normal dude who loves God, loves people, and loves life. He’ll talk sports any time. He works at a record label in Atlanta, GA, and, yes, he lives inside the perimeter.

Tenika Small

Tenika is a 20-something living in the Bay Area. She is a PR executive by day, saving one client at a time, and a stylist by night. She is a lover of all things fashion, pop culture, fitness and sports (Niners, Warriors and Giants). She loves a healthy debate on the state of music and fashion. More importantly, she can quote Anchorman in its entirety and has the odd ability to remember song lyrics after one listen.