Video Review: Theory Hazit “Watch Out”

Theory Hazit has been scribbling lines for quite some time and unfortunately has been widely overlooked. Today we get a chance to help change that.

For Those That Don’t Know

Theory is a producer and artist that is honest, truth seeking, and carries his baggage on his sleeve. Oh and he murders beats along the way.


Good art reflects life and this dude simply takes a mirror and stands in front of it.

New Music: Watch Out

Today Theory put out his video for Watch Out. The song is a sample from Lauryn Hill- Doo-Wop (That Thing) which was a gamble for two reasons.
1. Its Lauryn Hill. Theory acknowledges this risk within the first few bars of the song but asks listeners to hold judgement. We did and were pleasantly surprised.
2. Drake also sampled this song and killed it, so now the two must be compared. Still Theory’s seamless flow stands to be taken seriously.

*This single comes off his upcoming project “Fall of the Light Bearer” and is due out this summer.

The Video

The video was created by Jake Hill(@J4KEHiLL) of Beats and Visuals, and the concept is simple but refined.

The entire video is three setups with Theory delivering almost each line straight to the camera. This is Theory’s manifesto, a message to artists/listers, as if to say, “this is who I am, you should be taking notes.”

There would be a lot to say about how simple the video is (ie: Lack of production value, storyline, and complexity) if there were not the subtle flourishes of creativity, mainly the Darth Vader mask. This little detail is genius and grabs the viewer’s attention. It shows the video was thought through and not simply a last second decision. The mask seems to drive home the point that there is an artist here you think you know but truly have no idea who he is.

The Beat and the Song

To quote our man @AdanBean, “I think the sample flip is so obvious, I’d hold it against the artist normally. But Theo’s writing is effortless & honest, it works.”
And we say Amen.

The BottomLine

The video is not a game changer but it serves the purpose and delivers the message. This just goes to show you don’t need a big budget. Storytellers can use three shots to get their point across. #TakingNotes

The Video: B+ (Should be at best a C for its simplicity but with how well it accents the song I can’t help but give it a better than passing grade)
The Song: A-
Together: A