The SetList | Yani Mo

The SetList has returned with Season 2 and we’re keeping things moving w/ ep 4! The SetList is a music podcast hosted by Forth District’s A&R, Adan Bean, and features artist from every part of the musical landscape. The SetList seeks to reveal an artist’s interests, influences, and background in music like no other interview has done before.

On this episode, Adan sits down with the uber-gifted and distinctly southern emcee Yani Mo!

Yani Mo talks through her most recent projects, The Moment & 9Lives. We delve into her background as a poet and beginnings as a writer overall. We also discuss her sound as defined as “CountryQueerSoul” and her love of theater and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. We discuss alcoholism, depression and for whom Yani Mo writes. And finally, we address one of rap’s most enduring live show questions: when is it ever appropriate for a rapper to rap over their vocals?

Mixed and Edited by DJ Opdiggy

Recorded at the Forth District Podcast studio.

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