The SetList | Sho Baraka

The SetList is a music podcast hosted by Forth District’s A&R, Adan Bean, and features artist from every part of the musical landscape. The SetList seeks to reveal an artist’s interests, influences, and background in music like no other interview has done before.

On this episode, Adan sits down with his Forth brother-in arms, Sho Baraka!

Sho doesn’t have any new music to discuss, so I figured I’d switch it up and and just have a talk with this incredible “Thought Leader”. So, this is a freeflowing conversation with the homie. We focus our time together around Grown Hip Hop. Hip Hop is often typified as a ‘young man’s game’ but this genre has aged as have many of its music-makers and consumers. We go back and forth identifying our list of music from the genre that speaks to hip hop’s maturity and growth. We highlight and celebrate it here. In addition to that, we talk about how Lebron on the Lakers is reconciling our sports friendship, the changing politics of progressivism (and by converse, conservatism as well), and what work Sho is up to right now. We discuss it all!

Mixed and Edited by DJ Opdiggy

Recorded at the Forth District Podcast Studio.

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