The SetList | Roman GianArthur

I sat down with Roman back in 2015 and I knew he was a star years before that. Since then, he’s appeared alongside labelmate Jidenna in the smash “Classic Man” and he’s toured around the world extensively. I think this was a good episode to bring out the vault in case you missed it the first go ’round. I hope you enjoy the convo as much as I had having it. Roman continues to inspire me til this day and I look forward to the world discovering all of the genius (and I don’t say that lightly) that’s housed within him.

“Roman is someone you’d want to lock into a studio for a week and wait for him to reemerge with our generation’s Songs in the Key of Life. He’s that skilled. He’s that gifted. And perhaps most importantly, he’s that free.”

The SetList is a music podcast hosted by Forth District’s A&R, Adan Bean, and features artist from every part of the musical landscape. The SetList seeks to reveal an artist’s interests, influences, and background in music like no other interview has done before.

On this episode Adan sits down with Atlanta’s own Roman GianArthur! Roman is a producer/writer/singer/composer who has been cutting his teeth in the afro-futuristic space camp collective that is the Wondaland Arts Society (helmed by Rebelutionary soul singer superstar Janelle Monae).

Mixed and Edited by DJ Opdiggy

Recorded at the Forth District Podcast Studio.

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