The SetList | Alex Faith

The SetList has returned with Season 2 and we’re keeping things moving w/ ep 3! The SetList is a music podcast hosted by Forth District’s A&R, Adan Bean, and features artist from every part of the musical landscape. The SetList seeks to reveal an artist’s interests, influences, and background in music like no other interview has done before.

On this episode, Adan sits down with the incredibly talented southern emcee Alex Faith!

Alex Faith speaks about his sprawling career and the latest offering, SMPLMNDS (Skylane Creative, 2018). We talk about his history and exit from Collision Records, the destruction of patriarchy, cussing in rap tunes and the reasoning behind Big KRIT’s underrated-ness.

Mixed and Edited by DJ Opdiggy

Recorded at the Orange Fuzz studio.

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