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Don’t Do That Bro (Anonymous Questions, Pointed Solutions)

Don’t Do That Bro (DDTB) was born out of a need to get solid advice to a segment of society who rarely asks for it, MEN!

The goal of Don’t Do That Bro is to talk through issues, pitfalls, and common errors that plague our gender. This will not be a space for a battle of the sexes to pop off or even a climate to bash the fairer sex. Rather, the hope is to build up men through the giving of wise counsel.

DDTB is looking for submissions…

DDTB is looking for submissions either via email(, twitter(@DontDoThatBro), DM or however you choose to send it. Although DDTB will tackle tough questions, there will be no shortness of comic relief. Depending on what you submit, you may get roasted but it will be out of love, genuine concern (most of the time), and remain totally anonymous. While addressing pop culture, answering your questions, and using current events for material, DDTB will deliver fresh perspectives and practical advice from the male point of view.

Scenarios and dumbfounding issues such as why guys who make millions of dollars a year consistently get DUI’s (pay a driver), shoot themselves in the leg (while sneaking a gun into a club), or spend $50,000 (in one night) at a strip club will get surveyed. Fellas let’s face it, although in some instances poor decisions can be comical, some of the decisions we make can have catastrophic and long lasting consequences. Thus the need for a conversation that might end in, “Hey man, Don’t Do That Bro.”

Simply put, Don’t Do That Bro is an advice column for men. As our tag line suggests, it’s an opportunity for men to submit anonymous questions and in return get very simple yet pointed answers. Of course it will be full of wisdom as well as witty commentary but we want to create a safe space for guys to ask questions, to hear the answers, and to feel as if their real issues are answered in a real way.

To submit a question and get advise please send us your questions in the following format:

Dear Bro,

I am a 25 year old who is considering marrying a woman who is 45 with three kids. Her oldest son is on my softball team. I really love her but I don’t get along with her oldest. I’m faster than he is and he tried to fight me after our game last week. I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman but her son choked me out while I was sleep once and I’m scared of him. He lives in the basement and I want to put him out. What should I do?


Out of Breath.

Once we receive your letter, email, etc. DDTB bro will respond via letter posted on Forth District or on our weekly radio segment.

Get at DDTB via twitter @DontDoThatBro or #ddtbro or send us an email at

Jon Parker

Jon A. Parker, MAMFT
Counselor. Life Coach. Social Provocateur.

JP is a professional side kick. He enjoys riding motorcycles, globe trotting, and collecting pint glasses. Jon is a licensed counselor, a marriage and family therapist, and life coach. He also moonlights as a branding consultant and dabbles in artist management. Jon strongly believes that self care i.e. vacations and massages are keys to longevity and creative thinking. Jon is passionate about social justice and improving the human condition across the globe. #WESHALLOVERCOME