New Music Monday | New Week New Music

Every week we, the Forth team, want to help start your weekly grind by providing a soundtrack full of new music from every corner of the musical landscape. Whether recently debuted this past Friday or chronically slept on, we promise this music will get you through your week.

New Music Monday #PayAttention

1. Saba: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

2. John Givez – 2 Steppin’

3. The Off Daze – Dizzy

4. Summer Walker – CPR

5. Prof – Eulogy

6. J.I.D – Working Out | A COLORS SHOW

7. Yani Mo – Laundry Day

8. Erva Carter – Night n’ Day

9. Sa-Roc – Goddess Gang

10. Hero The Band – Lab Rat

Photo Credit: TIDAL