Good Reads: “Tribes” Seth Godin

If there was one book that was at the heart of why Forth District was created and taught our team that the necessity of leadership far outweighs the costs of leadership it was Seth Godin’s book “Tribes.”

The Book

Seth Godin writes “Tribes” under a single premise, “lasting and substantial change can only happen through a united group of people, a tribe, and this tribe can only be created by a person, a leader, who connects the group through a set of goals or ideas.”

The Goal

“Tribes” is short on pages but packed with content. Godin builds on his single premise with the idea that leadership opportunities are right in front of us, people waiting to be lead, if only we will take the step and raise the “flag.” Godin uses example after example of companies and individuals that seem to be outliers yet are simply examples of leaders taking a step of faith. Just a few of the examples the he uses are the Obama campaign for change, The Grateful Dead, and the TED conference. A spectrum that I think can touch most everyone.

Why its Worth Your Time and Money

Tribes, it seems in Godin’s mind, are groups created by leaders who are ok with rocking the boat and asking for forgiveness later. This may seem heroic but can also be costly. So proceed with caution. That being said what lays inside has been invaluable to the team at Forth. If you are seeking to lead a group of people this book should be on your reading list.

Get it here:
Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us