GoForth: The Lighten Up Contest

Warning: This contest takes no musical talent, will cause you to get out of your comfort zone, and will probably make this world a little brighter in the process….

Forth, RMG, and EatDrknBuySnkrs have teamed up for one of the dopest contests of the year! As Canon gets ready to drop LCV2(themed Lighten Up) on October 7th, Forth saw an opportunity to host a contest where we could lighten up the world while blessing the winner with these dope shoes.


First a little background and then the contest rules….

The BackStory

Forth District wants to be a Home. For Artists. For Thinkers. But even deeper, at our core, we want to make this world brighter, more engaging, and beautiful. But how?

We as humans are meant for community– diverse community. We learn best when not everyone thinks like us, talks like us, or comes from the same background as we do.

In the absence of diversity, we become cold, elitist, close-minded, and out of touch with reality. This can been seen in the NeoNazi camps of the deep south to the comfortable suburbs sheltering the upwardly mobile.

In a world of technology/instamedia, this disease is spreading. Everyone has “their” news source or “their” website that they know will “take their side” or prove “their point.” We use media to reinforce our beliefs that we deem “right” and/or crucify “those” that are “wrong.”

We have stopped learning from each other. We have stopped meeting the stranger we walk by every day to instead retreat to the safety of our Twitter feeds.

We stopped reading books that offer different points of view, and we stopped engaging the “real world” around us.

But here’s the secret: those people you walk by every day have a story that will help grow you as a person. Those people you ignore every single day are the secret to making this world a better place.

One day I met the Williams brothers. Well two of them are brothers, the young man on the far right is their cousin. We met at a local outdoor shopping mall in Atlanta. They were laughing about something, maybe me, but I asked them how they were and actually stopped to meet them. Crazy concept, I know. But it blessed my soul.

IMG_1971 copy

The initial conversation went like this:

Him: These are my two younger cousins. All they talk about is making it. Making money or making it big through sports. But I’m going to college to make it.

Me: What are you going to study?

Him: Computer Science

Then we chatted about college, the doors that it opens, the opportunities that lay in front of him and how excited/proud he should be. #Blessing

The Lighten Up Contest

So how is this a contest you ask? Well we, Forth, RMG, and EatDrknBuySnkrs, want you to go out and meet people as you go throughout your day. We want you to hear their story, learn from them, encourage them, and befriend them. Then, take a picture to help you remember them by. It does not have to be of them but could be just a picture of the place you met.

Then, submit the picture and the story(like my story above) to info@Forthdistrict.com with the subject line “Lighten Up” or post it to instagram with the hashtag #LightenUp #GoForth. The contest will be open until October 14th and to be eligible to win the sneakers you must also go follow EatDrknBuySnkrs on instagram. EatDrknBuySnkrs is currently a social media space that promotes the healthy enjoyment of life & one of God’s gracious gifts—Sneakers! Future plans include a sneaker consignment store, apparel, and more sneaker giveaways and shoe drives!

That’s it. The team at Forth/RMG/EatDrknBuySnkrs will vote on our favorite story/picture to see who will win the sneakers. So go meet people, get out of your comfort zone, and engage the world!