F&T | PGA PDA, 3 Ball Basketball and Petite People (Or The M Word)

On this episode of Forth and Ten the guys are back after a week off, and well, it gets interesting. There is a deep dive into the right and wrongs of PDA, a debate about the merits of sports for little people, and well a bunch of other sportsish topics that probably will make you laugh and cringe…..

On this episode…

1.Magic tells all
2.The OJ Jersey is back
3.Cespides Ranch Theories
4. Iconic engagement pics of nba moments
5. Derby horse without jockey
6. Nate Hates
7. Florida man enhanced b-ball skills when naked
8. Kopeka snubs girlfriend of kiss. Pro-PDA
9. Lamar Odom fake penis for Olympic test
10. Louis Vitton $650 jump rope