Forth & Ten | Steph Curry’s Shimmy, Nate’s Hate of Parkour, & The Baby Braves

The one with all the hate and ice cream

Forth & Ten is a sports talk podcast hosted by three of the funniest comedian/sports fans in Atlanta: Nate Owens(@iam_owens), David Perdue(@DueOrDie), and Damon Sumner(@DamonJr). On this episode of Forth and Ten, the guys are joined by Aaron Chewning to talk all things Masters, March Madness, and Nate’s fear of his own feet! So tune in to what might be the most ridiculous/awesome sports podcast…EVER?

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On this episode of Forth And Ten, the guys chop up the less than exciting NBA playoffs, improve the WNBA, help Nate through his jealously, and celebrate the Baby Braves!

Full show Run Down:

1. Steph Is Back
2. Toronto Thanks Coach
3. 25 yr old HS player
4. Lynx play sparks pregame
5. White Sox 3lb ice cream
6. Lonnie Walker the earth is an illusion
7. NFL Owners 15yd penalty for kneeling
8. Nate Hates Parkour
9. The Baby Braves
10. Stallone vs Hogan