Forth And Ten | Trailer Park Titanic, S’ing, and Lebron Misses The Playoffs

Forth & Ten is a sports talk podcast hosted by three of the funniest comedian/sports fans in Atlanta: Nate Owens(@iam_owens), David Perdue(@DueOrDie), and Damon Sumner(@DamonJr). On this episode Forth And Ten, Dan was right about LeBron…so there is that….

Show Rundown:

1. Kraft/Prostitution
2. Ja Rule
3. Bengal fans sues for puke
4. HS retures big booty award
5. Coach says I’m Hitler
6. Nate Hates
7. Ali Oscar win/D1 athlete
8. Zion bursts shoe
9. Lakers might miss playofs
10. Kuzma DMs