First Spins | Sho Baraka “The Narrative”

Album is out now: Get it here

Sho Baraka’s Narrative: A Three Year Journey

This is a long time in the making. The Forth District brain trust gets together: Dan engineering and filming, Adan asking and interviewing and Sho opening up and answering. On this episode of First Spins, Adán Bean sits down with Humble Beast’s newest signee and Forth District co-owner, Sho Baraka, to talk about his new album “The Narrative” dropping tonight (Oct. 21st). Listen to the full episode and stream every track below.

We spent an evening discussing in painstaking detail, track-by-track, all of the intricacies of the new album. The conversation veers everywhere:

-Sho’s influence
-Sho’s career post-Reach Records
-Talented X
-Reuniting with Lecrae
-Louis Portier
-The Creative Process
-Defining Oneself by Their Art
-The (&) Campaign
-Being a father of children on the autistic spectrum

and so much more!

Sho Baraka “The Narrative”: A Three Year Journey

Forth listeners get an exclusive look at the new project and a behind-the-scenes take on the making of each track including an in-depth dissection of lyrics as well as the overall motivation that Sho had when crafting this work. Buckle up. You’re in for a long ride well-spent!

Get The Full Narrative: Go Track By Track With Sho & Adan

Track By Track Rundown of This First Spins: Sho Baraka “The Narrative”

15 Min: Foreword, 1619 featuring Adan Bean & C. Lacy
Produced by theBeatbreaker

29 Min: Soul, 1971 featuring Jamie Portee
Produced by Jamie Portee (Listen I Jamm Sesac)

37 Min: Kanye, 2009 featuring Jackie Hill & Jamie Portee
Produced by Jamie Portee

51 Min: Love, 1959
Produced by Jamie Portee & theBeatbreaker

60 Min: Here, 2016 featuring Lecrae
Produced by Swoope & theBeatbreaker

71 Min: 30&Up, 1986 featuring Courtney Orlando
Produced by J.R. for So Hot Productions

79 Min: Profhet, 1968 featuring Jamie Portee
All Instruments & Programming by Jamie Portee

95 Min: Maybe Both, 1865 featuring Jamie Portee
Produced by Jamie Portee

110 Min:Excellent, 2017
Produced by J.R. for So Hot Productions

125 Min: Road To Humble, 1979
Produced by Jamie Portee

136 Min: Myhood, U.S.A., 1937 featuring Vanessa Hill
Produced by theBeatbreaker

152 Min: Words, 2006
Produced by theBeatbreaker
Additional Production by Allen Swoope

170 Min: Fathers, 2004
(Amisho Baraka Lewis, Jamie Portee)
Produced by Jamie Portee

180 Min: Piano Break, 33 A.D.
Produced by Jamie Portee