‪‎Film Rant‬ | How Michael Bay is Destroying Art and in Turn America

#FilmRant is a weekly podcast seeking to break down all things film/video highlighting the best and breaking down the worst! And hopefully making you laugh along the way…

On This Weeks Episode…

On this weeks episode Host Dan Duncan along with Summer Co-Host Isaac Deitz debate the question “Does the world need stories or popcorn entertainment?’

Before the debate really gets going the guys break down the first submitted music video by STARR K directed by JPRESS. Warning Adult Language in the video–>

*The guys will break down one video a week by anyone who submits their video with a director’s credit. Please know this will be an honest assessment helping all to learn in the process.

The debate: How Can Film Change The World

Once the guys jump the debate really gets going as to why movies/films/art is made. The guys address questions like:

What is the right motivation and what is the wrong motivation to make art?

Who are some directors that are clearly pandering to audiences and why?

Who is at fault the audience demanding empty art or Hollywood who is making it?

Finally, what happens when you lose your meaning for making art and money takes over? Where do you end up? How can you tell you sold out?

The guys end the discussion debating whether film can actually change the world and open peoples eyes to a much bigger world…

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