Korin Reid

At no fault of her own (blame her parents), Korin Reid’s first language is sarcasm, with English coming as a close second. She learned early on that she could elude punishment by making her father laugh, so she was raised to be witty albeit poorly behaved. Korin Reid is also Data Scientist who enjoys building machine learning/predictive modeling applications within the Hadoop ecosystem and is a big fan of open source Big Data tools, especially Apache Spark. Korin also earned her Phd in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech, designing bio-refinery networks for the conversion of switchgrass to bio-oil via fast pyrolysis using Geographic Information System Tools, crop yield modeling, and Mixed Integer Linear Programming Optimization Models. Basically, where data and modeling exists Korin will be also. She is also passionate about mentoring youth and loves to teach coding and STEM skills to the next generation, particularly women and underrepresented minorities.

What I'm Listening To

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