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What is for Forth District?

Forth District is a great experiment in community, the arts, and conscious thought. We want to find out if we can build a platform that redefines online community and engagement. If this is something you have been longing for, as we have, please jump in, engage our writers and artists! We want this to be a two way conversation! You can also help by purchasing Forth apparel as this will be the primary way we fund this endeavor. But most of all we just want people to open up their minds, be thinkers, enjoyers of life, and people of change.

We’re curators of conscious culture. Join us.

The Forth District Manifesto

1. Forth is a platform created to highlight Thinkers, Artists, and Musicians. A curated world filled with insightful questions, scintillating high art, and captivating conversation. Forth is A Home. For Artists. For Thinkers. We are Cultural Curators.
High Art: Art that spurs the soul to see beauty or truth in a way that unconsciously causes it to ponder the deep realities of life, love, and identity.

2. If it is here, no matter what “it” is, it is worth your time. We strive to create a SPAM free environment.

3. We are shamelessly founded by Christians seeking to have a conversation that engages the entire urban culture, not just a Christian subculture. We want to table our personal beliefs as we ask others to do the same. That’s only fair. We hope Truth/Beauty becomes everyone’s whole aim.
This is the only way we can have a respectful conversation. If you are unable to suspend your worldview to see from another point of view then this is probably not a site for you. We want truthseekers, not those simply wishing to talk.

4. No Artist will ever pay to be covered by Forth. Every artist on Forth is here because they are creating dope art that is changing the world around them.

5. We are honest. If you are on Forth, then that there is a baseline promotion in the fact that we already see greatness in you. That said, we will be honest when great artists make bad art. We will strive to be constructive in every critique.

6. We believe there is power in tension. We don’t ask for the agreement of everyone…in fact, we run headfirst into those areas where there’s dispute.

7. We strive for excellence in everything we do and everything we review.

8. Everyone is welcome. We do not assume that anyone on Forth believes like we believe or thinks like we think. We want to attract all people, all religions, all walks of life.

9. We are not a copy and paste site. We are not a gossip site nor do we recycle reviews, interviews and etc. We are going out and finding the art and thoughts that are transforming the world around it and bringing it into your world. Creative Curation.

10. This is FOR YOU. Forth is a community, a family, a diverse yet unified society seeking Truth and Beauty.

With that being said, the basis for this family is respect and an understanding that not everyone thinks or believes like you. Please learn to listen to others respectfully. Actually weigh what they are saying with the potential that it is truer than what you believe, even for just a moment, and then engage in beneficial conversation.