This Weekend AT The Movies | Wizards, Heists, and Parental Blunders

“This Weekend At The Movies” is a weekly breakdown of all the movies hitting theaters. The goal is to help you know what movies will be worth your time and which ones should be delegated to Redbox. No hardcore critics here, just guys that understand what it takes to make a great film (great writers, a humble director, an experienced DP, moldable actors, just enough money, enough production time, and an army of dedicated crew members). So we are your faithful movie caddies that account for all the “movie variables” to help you know what you should see and what you should ignore.

This Weekend AT The Movies | Wizards, Heists, and Parental Blunders

100 Weeks Ago I went into movie hibernation and cryogenically froze “This Weekend At The Movies.” There were too many weekends that I had to question who was at fault: terrible directors or american viewers that simply demanded The Fast and Furious 10….And I felt unable to critique anyone else’s work while my own professional film carrier was anything but worthy of praise.

But we are back. Not because I am in line for an oscar (maybe a Shorty Award) but because I am creating and you can hate what I have made over the past two years. Look up anything Oust has made over the past two years and rip it apart. So the playing field is fair and I have missed our time together. So here we go…expelliarmus!

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Director: David Yates
DP: Philippe Rousselot
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Budget: 200 Million

I have been away for a long time so let’s just start with the bottom line: A “Fantastic” movie for the invested fan, but for the casual observer a necessary evil. The latest window into the Wizarding World will be crippled by the very fact that it is simply the rising action in a four movie series. Bousleterd by the interesting relationship between Grindelwald and young Dumbledore, the movie will deliver for any who understand their history but for those who want to see a quick moving fun popcorn style movie, this movie will fall just slightly short.

David Yates will do his best but with no book to fall back on, J.K. will push for details to be included that she normally would let fall to the written version. This is ultimately the achilles heel of the Fantastic Beasts series.

So if you have ever graced the Pottermore landing page, then this is a must see in Theaters, but if not then I would recommend a Redbox viewing.

Rating: Theater(For Those with Wands)


Director: Steve McQueen (III)
DP: Sean Bobbitt
Distributed By: 20th Century Fox
Budget: 42 Million

Steve McQueen is back with a heist thriller driven by a star studded cast but the “12 Years A Slave” director masterfly adds a deeper layer for those looking for hope in these “dark times.” Widows stares down a host of issues that as Americans don’t typically want look at, let alone pay for. Widows raises banners for Women’s rights, racial prejudice, and financial inequity.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no hidden agenda here. McQueen strikes out to make a great thriller that is concetecutally poignant. This weekend’s best date film will no doubt add conversation to the ride home in the best way possible. 42 Million is low for a heist film that blows ish up but McQueen did a period piece for 12 Years with half that much so I am not worried.

Rating: Theater

Instant Family

Director: Sean Anders
DP: Brett Pawlak
Distributed By: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Budget: 48 Million

Mark Wahlberg is, well, not going to go down in history as Hollywood’s most flexible actor of all time. But, playing an endearing, funny, protective, and hopelessly out of his league adoptive father…this is right up his alley. Working with his counterpart in Sean Andres from Daddy’s Home, this duo is set up to deliver on a heartwarming and funny family movie.

All cards on the table, I have had a baby since I last wrote to you and doing my research on the script and checking out the previews, this movie is pandering straight to my heart. And that is my cheat code for this movie, parents this movie is for you. This might be just the date day release valve the doctor ordered my wife and I…so ya I can’t wait to catch this movie. But, if you don’t fall into that category then definitely wait for Redbox on this one. Let’s be honest not much is gained from a 100 ft screen other than timing here.

Ratting: Redbox