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As we prepare for the new season of #TheSetList which is revamped and ready to go, we felt it best to revisit some of the great interviews we’ve had in the past with an array of incredibly talented artists. This week, we’re circling back to this insightful interview with the gifted songstress, India Shawn. This interview was conducted on the heels of her 2015 Outer Limits EP release which was a collaboration with the uber-accomplished singer-songwriter/producer James Fauntleroy (Kanye, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, etc.).

As we know India Shawn is currently working, recording and preparing to release new music to the masses, we’d love for you to take a look back at where she was just a couple years ago and get to know her like never before. Can’t know where we’re going unless we know where we’ve been. Enjoy!

The SetList.

The Forth Five | India Shawn

I remember meeting India during a show at the now-defunct Lenny’s, a local dive bar that catered to underground hip hop, indie rock and progressive trap music. It was Atlanta’s version of CBGB and on any given night the space would be filled with college kids, hipsters, thugs, metalheads, and anybody looking to drown their sorrows in PBR tallboys and bottom shelf brown liquor. My group was performing and we brought a guest singer, Jerome Opie, along to enhance the stage show. After rocking, a beautiful young woman that was hanging out at the show knew our guest vocalist and introduced herself as a singer by the name India Shawn. It wasn’t until later that we both shared a bill opening for Kimberly Nichole (The Voice, 2015) that I got to see her in action. Since then, I’ve kept casual tabs of her achievements and overall progression as an artist.

When India is not penning hits for your favorite R&B superstars, she’s using her voice, sopped in butter and bravery, to create beautiful pop soul for listeners worldwide. Upon hearing her 2012 release Origin, I was blown away by the poignancy of her lyrics as well as the timbre of her tone which invites comparisons to virtuoso Brandy. On “All I Have”, the words “heaven ain’t got no baggage claim” echo out the speakers with a particular resonance. She recently partnered with James Fauntleroy (Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, etc) to release a collaborative project, the Outer Limits EP. With rave reviews and gaining traction by the day seemingly, India is set to take the world by storm. We’re beyond confident in her ability as well as hustle and Forth District just wants to support her and her endeavors in whatever way possible. She’s a worthy member of the inaugural Forth5 class.

We’re big fans of hers over here at Forth District and we believe you should be too.

Associated Acts:

Marian Melba, Dirty Money, James Fauntleroy, Hit-Boy, Polow da Don, Chris Brown, Monica, Brandy.


Atlanta, GA (By way of West Covina – Los Angeles, CA)


Origin EP (2012)
Wonderful EP (2014)
Outer Limits EP (2015)

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Full Bio:

Los Angeles born songbird and songwriter, India Shawn, has been lending her musical talents to the industry for over 9 years. Before releasing her debut EP, ORIGIN, in 2012, she already had writing credits and song placements under her belt as a member of her writing team, Full Circle. She’s worked with top names including Chris Brown, Diddy-Dirty Money, El Debarge, Keri Hilson, and Monica. In 2013, Solange Knowles featured India’s popular track, I’m Alive, on her Saint Heron compilation album, further endorsing her impact on the new wave of music.

With a smooth voice that connects to listeners immediately, lyrics that resonate with your heart, and fearless experimentation with R&B elements, India’s music has spiritual and emotional components to it. She continues to breathe fresh air into the industry with her and James Fauntleroy’s collaborative Outer Limits EP.

The essence of her music provides a spiritual/emotional connection with her listeners that is distinct and authentic while combining current and innovative elements. India Shawn’s songs take you back in time when music made you feel good inside. A musical experience that makes you think, touches your heart and motivates, some say, are the elements that are missing in today’s dynamic. India’s first solo project entitled “ORIGIN” can be expected to deliver awesomely good music that is relevant, transparent, and exciting. India Shawn is completely enchanting! Her music will captivate your mind and heart like the brightness of her beautiful, mysterious smile – something incredibly wonderful awaits…

The SetList | India Shawn

Get to know India even more as I sat down with her on the SetList.