The Pioneer Spirit Podcast | Episode 1: Phil Sanders – Citizen’s Supply

Episode 1: Phil Sanders – Citizen’s Supply

The first ever episode of the Pioneer Spirit Podcast created by In God We Must. On this inaugural episode John sits down with the founder of Citizen’s Supply Phil Sanders to talk the courage it takes to try something new and the wisdom it takes to try something different.

The podcast is intended to unveil the nitty gritty details behind the lives of those who are pursing the Pioneer Spirit; Dream chasers, Freelancers, Business Owners, Makers, Musicians, and anything in between. The goal is to give you an insiders look on the good, the bad, and the lessons learned learned along the way, that would otherwise go unnoticed from a perspective viewed from a screen. We learn about the benefits of failure, and the consequences of success amongst the journey to pursue your dream, all while tearing down the illusion of fear through storytelling – to empower & equip those who may be afraid to take their next step, make a change, or letting circumstances hold you back.