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Superbowl 50: The Ugliest Superbowl In History?


For the first time, maybe ever, Donald Trump got something right….

Trump, who is generally on the wrong side of reality, was simply part of the chorus of people on social media that simply wanted Super Bowl 50 to be over. A game built up as a clash of young vs. old and superstar vs superstar turned out to be simply a defensive battle that lasted two hours to long.

The statistics tell the whole story. The Panthers were 3-for-15 on third-down attempts and the winning Broncos were just a shade worse at 1-for-14. Peyton Manning earned only 9 first downs and the Broncos offense did not score until Cam Newton handed them a touchdown in the last moments of the game. The Broncos finished with 194 yards of total offense, the fewest of any Super Bowl winner ever. And finally, the game’s 15 punts and six turnovers lead to two outcomes: commercials about bowel movements and the record for most turnovers since 1971.

The game was a tennis match between two middle schoolers just hitting it back and forth fifty times. No one ever loses but no one ever wins.

Beyonce’s New Anthem Is Turning Heads

Rocking the music universe this past weekend was not the Super Bowl halftime show but a video that was released a day prior. On Saturday, Beyonce released “Formation” on youtube and it sent shock waves through the “social medias.”

“Formation” is visually stunning and tells the story one of Beyonce’s rise to prominence and the fight for civil rights as she has seen it through her eyes. The Queen B unapologetically expresses both her “blackness” and her roots as a “country girl,” as well as using imagery pointing to Katrina and the murder of Trayvon Martin.

The song was reportedly produced by Mike Will Made-It and co-written by Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd.

The song feels like an anthem with a purpose, meaning it will either explode past the control of mainstream media or it will be downplayed for its political undertones. What do you think?

The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

1. First Date – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2016 Hyundai Genesis

2. Heinz, “Wiener Stampede”

3. The Bud Light Party

4. Doritos, “Ultrasound”

5. Super Bowl Babies Choir feat. Seal