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The first inaugural READ A BOOK series is here! Sean Little, along with series co-host Jabee, will be diving into “Divided By Faith” by Christian Smith and Michael Emerson.

On this episode the guys talk about the first two chapter of “Divided By Faith.” Add your thoughts to the discussion by leaving a message at (470) 722-0782.

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  • Cole Umemura

    Thanks for the discussion guys. To continue the chapter 2 discussion… Absolutely agree with both personal change and system changes being necessary. I also think it’s easy to overemphasize either one.

    Obviously every generation will have blind spots and get certain things wrong. But it was pretty stunning to read about some of the justifications made for continuing slavery and segregation coming from the church. Especially the reason that those enslaved have a better chance of hearing the gospel and receiving salvation than if they weren’t enslaved… Wow… It seems to me like the whole point is history shows that as long as the fundamental focus of american evangelicalism is individual evangelism and discipleship only, racialization will continue in the Evangelical church, because there won’t be a focus on removing the racialized structures in place. I think I agree to the degree that discipleship is limited to only individual or internal character and obedience. However it would seem to me that a full picture of what Jesus calls us to does involve challenging oppressive structures and setting the oppressed free both spiritually for eternity and physically in the now.