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Introducing: The READ A BOOK podcast, Hosted by Sean Little

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…#ReadABook

Hello world and hello Forth family! My name is Sean Little and I’m the host of a brand new podcast, premiering on the Forth, entitled READ A BOOK.

I’m so excited to launch the READ A BOOK podcast because now is the perfect time and Forth is the perfect place to READ A BOOK.

We are engulfed in volatility, vehemence, and vitriol. The art of conversation is lost, efforts to empathize are eroding, and understanding is under-rated and under-appreciated and under-practiced.

Frankly, I think all of us would benefit by choosing to slow down, shut up, and READ A BOOK. That is the cornerstone of this podcast.

So here’s how it works, we’ll choose a book and introduce it, along with the reading schedule; we’ll read two chapters per week and then discuss those chapters in the following week’s READ A BOOK episode.

The discussion will be between myself, my surprise guest co-host, and you! That’s right, I need you in on this and there are two ways for you to add your voice to the conversation.

First, social media. We’ll post to our channels, so make sure to follow Forth District. Second, we want to hear your literal voice. You can call us and share your thoughts, questions, and stories and we’ll include those voicemails in our episodes. We want to hear from you and we expect you to air it out. I look forward to seeing how your thoughts enrich and influence our conversations!

Again, my name is Sean Little, I’m the host of the brand new READ A BOOK podcast, launching exclusively here on FORTH DISTRICT and I’m so excited to READ A BOOK with you!

Check back here on this page for exclusive updates and reading schedules.

  • Doug Knight

    I have been unable to find the reading schedule for the Read a Book podcast.