Q&A: Behind The Music- Tragic Hero #MOWE

In Case You Have Not Met

While Tragic Hero may currently be independent, he is far from an industry unknown. This unique emcee has dropped singles since 2011 leading up to his debut free album ‘Going Home’, a blend of booming speaker-beats and thought-provoking lyrical couplets. Since then he has been featured on numerous projects such as Swoope’s record “Bow Down” on ‘Sinema.’

With that being said, it was last October that Tragic really caught Forth’s attention and went from being a “growing emcee” to “a force to be reckoned with.” It was then that Wes Pendleton & Taelor Gray dropped their “Middle Clash EP” featuring a song called “Fade Away.” It was on “Fade Away” that Tragic shined alongside his co-stars(Wes Pen and Taelor Gray) and thus sent up the dope emcee bat signal. In case you missed it, you can stream “Fade Away” Here:

Fade Away put on display a talent being refined and readied to break down the barriers formerly known as CHH….And then Tragic dropped “My Own Worst Enemy.”

My Own Worst Enemy

Tragic’s latest album, “My Own Worst Enemy,” is a celebration of simple beats, instrumentation, and major league lyricism. Tragic, if nothing else, has the ability to tell a story through his art like few others in the game. The album is a start to finish listen with great features hosting the likes of Dre Murray, John Givez, Christon Gray, and Wes Pen.

In case you missed Tragic’s video for Winter check that here:

Q&A with Tragic

We sat down with Tragic following the drop of MOWE to find out more about the man behind the music.

1. Who is Tragic Hero?

Tragic Hero: I’m a songwriter and MC from the city of Camden, NJ. I’ve written and featured for many artists you may have heard of (Christon Gray, Dre Murray, Swoope etc). I’m married, I have a son, and I work a full-time job.

2. Tell us about MOWE and the creative process?

Tragic Hero: MOWE is an honest hip hop album that speaks on my life story and my personal struggles. The content wasn’t really planned, it was what came out at the time due to some of the things I was going through. Sonically, Wit took the lead as an A&R. Most of the production was created or finished in his studio with help from 42*North. There were a couple songs where I would have an idea (voice memo/melody) and he would then take that idea and create a new song; that was done with Winter and Nothing You Can Do. Wit and I definitely had our disagreements along the way, but I think the tension makes for better music. As far as working with Wes, he usually creates this basic track for me to start writing on and then finishes the production afterwards. With Forever King, Jay Cardec created the production from scratch after I sent him the verses. Production from HotHandz and Jay Rhodan (Happy People and Charlie’s Song) were sent to me but they were undeniably good so they were easy to write to. While wrapping up the album, Wit and D.Steele hooked up to complete two songs on the project. D. Steele really added some subtle but important elements needed like some additional drums on 1984 and some of the synths on Nothing You Can Do.

3. Why do you make music?

Tragic Hero: I make music because it’s cathartic. When I speak, its hard for me to articulate my thoughts well but I seem to do that really well when it comes to writing songs.

4. What makes you different from every other rapper out there?

Tragic Hero: I care about the art and I choose my words carefully. I take my time to make music, I don’t like rushing to put anything out just to stay relevant.

5. Why Make Music?

Tragic Hero: Because it’s necessary in this day and age to be able to make music rich in content without sacrificing the production quality. I would like to think lot of my fans are mature and relate to my story and my struggles, and I’m providing them a soundtrack to their life.

6. What is your favorite song on MOWE & why?

Tragic Hero: My favorite song right now off this album is Last Night feat. David James. The production is something I could’ve heard on Kanye’s Late Registration and I tear up sometimes rapping the lyrics.

7. What is your favorite album?

Tragic Hero: All time? It’s hard to say, maybe The Cool by Lupe Fiasco or Late Registration by Kanye West. Right now? Oddisee’s Good Fight hands down.

8. What is your favorite book?

Tragic Hero: Kingdom Man by Dr. Tony Evans and The Billboard Guide to Writing and Producing Songs that Sell.

9. What is your favorite pastime?

Tragic Hero: Playing basketball (I blocked Dre Murray’s shot) and making music.