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Off The Record | When All Things Work Together…Unless You’re Kevin Hart? #Lecrae #ATWT

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On this week’s episode Adán Bean, Sean Little, Nate Mask, and Dan Duncan, sit down to discuss these burning topics:

1A. Is Lecrae’s new album “All Things Work Together” the “Joel Olstean” Of Christian HipHop? #ATWT
1B. Do people just need to let Lecrae be, change, and grow?
2. Kevin Hart…Why? You had so much to lose….
3. Georgia Tech and “Deadly Weapons”

  • ifeoluwa akinkugbe

    You guys are already WAYYYYYY of the mark with Lecrae’s motives as to making the ATWT album. He literally said in ALL of his interviews btw, that this album is the result of probably the most psychologically, spiritually and emotionally tormenting year (which was this past 2016) of his life. If you guys had watched the promos FRICKIN properly you would know that he goes really in-depth into all his past wounds and mistakes and that he wants to share them with the world because he believes that God has helped him heal. For you to say that he is doing this to solely make money actually is the BS.
    P.S: You guys should go and Listen to the song “cry for you” on the album and still tell me that he is saying ‘oh God will give you a blessed life without any hardships.”

    • Dan Duncan

      Hear you and it was not a one sided discussion. There was way more differing opionis offered and we admitted that we could be way wrong once we hear the album.

  • Alonzo Coleman

    So why do most of your guest hate Christian rap? This episode was basically say most Christian rap besides Lecrae is wack and any mainstream rapper is legit. Some of your guest are Christian but saw more value and truth from a ratchet song then something Sho or older reach put out… I’m not gonna say every CHH guy was the best but don’t play a whole genre.

  • XuUP17

    Dan was wrong about Lecrae before hearing ATWT and dead wrong after hearing it. Is Dan the Skip Bayless of Forth?

  • Adedayo Adekunle

    Lecrae and Forth District are similar so dissing him is unnecessary

    This response is majorly a response to Dan (congratulations on being a Dad)

    The conversation on Lecrae would have been insightful if you had actually listened to some of Lecrae’s interview, watch the short film or listened to the singles prior to the album launch and the album as well.

    Watch the short film and listen to some of the tracks

    I am not defending Lecrae because I don’t necessarily agree with all he does
    but these disagreements have always existed and I don’t think everyone is right
    all the time. However the same criticism you are giving to Lecrae applies to
    Forth district as well and you ought to look into the mirror as well.

    First you believe he is incompletely saying “All things work together” in light
    of what the scripture teaches while that may true he is not way off as you
    assumed he is (your assumption was just way off from what he has said so far)

    Second, he is softened his message or stance on the gospel – I don’t know him
    personally so I am not to say if he is a real Christian or not but definitely
    he is less explicit / direct about the gospel in his songs this is probably to
    make more people listen to the song / get less offended / accept him.

    Now this is the biggest gripe with your point, you and the rest of your guests
    are not interested in or familiar with chh. Let us examine some scenarios

    If he explicitly mentions Christ you will criticize him and say he is too
    judgemental, he is not real (talk about real life, issues, success and failures
    etc), most of the artists who do this you will say they are catering to the
    church market (safe audience) etc, they are not challenging the world or people
    to see truth (your favourite word).

    If he talks about real issues and drops Christ in a few songs which he is doing
    presently you would say well he just did this to pander to the chh audience (i.e
    I am still one of you I have not left you guys).

    Your guests falsely made the assumption that most chh artists explicitly
    mention God or talk doctrine majorly and he also adhered to the stereotype that
    their music is inferior (perhaps it is due to the stigma that he and some other
    artists doesn’t want to be referred to as Christian rappers).

    Most artists in chh today rarely talk gospel or are preachy in their music e.g
    NF, Social club, Deraj, S.O etc other than the fact that they rarely curse or
    their music is not misogynistic or promote violence you might not know that
    they are Christians at all. Whether this is a good thing or not is up to you to

    Also due to current events social justice issues is something most chh artists
    talk about a lot of course Sho Baraka and Propaganda are pioneers in that

    Now the devotional you mentioned he has had it a long time ago and since he is
    a Christian and a musician (as a career or job) I don’t think it is a crime to
    sell albums, devotionals etc as a guest subtly hinted at and if this is wrong
    everyone is guilty not Lecrae alone.

    Now for the music as well you have at a time criticized KB for being to preachy or pretentious (something like that), I think your issue is the kind of music or expectation you have for Christian artists (or movies) none or most of them have met your criteria. You need to know that your perspective is not the only correct/deep/nuanced perspective out there, other people might see things differently and that doesn’t make them false or corny.

    Just because most Christians are not making the kind of music you like or
    expect does not mean they are all corny/wack/inferior to mainstream artists.

    So in summary

    1) Less Jesus in your music (Lecrae, NF, Andy Mineo, Social club) – They are
    sellout, I know your perspective is a bit more nuanced than this because you
    seem to value authenticity and you feel Lecrae is inauthentic, but I just gave
    that as a rough idea.

    2) Too much Jesus or preaching in your music (Flame, Shai Linne, K.B) – They
    are corny, they don’t talk about real life, they are preachy or they are just
    singing to youtube.

    So what do you want this artists to do since you believe
    that Lecrae and in general practically all chh artists are inauthentic
    especially Dee-1 (it seems you are already tired of dissing the guy).

    Either way I don’t think the artists can win.

    Now to Forth district and how you are quite similar to Lecrae that you criticise

    I was introduced to Forth district as a platform where people who were
    distinctly Christians, this was how it was promoted on some videos and
    interviews Sho Baraka was on, there will be a conversation on Faith and culture,
    it will be open to different groups of people to engage but the perspective and
    worldview will be distinctively, it was supposed to be an alternative to the
    Rapzillas that was limited to Christians majorly. It’s audience and
    conversations would go beyond the issues that the seemingly conservative Christian
    bubbles would be comfortable about.

    When I started following Forth district there were articles on topics like the
    wrong idea of Christmas (santa), why gay struggles and racisms are not
    identical. The Christian perspective rang through as conversations were
    supposed to be uncomfortable.

    While the conversations are still uncomfortable, you guys for a long while have
    practically tried to silence the fact that you are Christians period (I know
    you are against the Westernised Christianity and Christian sub culture issues)
    however I am talking about the fact that you try not to come off as Christian
    or even necessarily give a Christ-centered perspective on most issues (I think
    you will disagree with this point but this is how your tone has been if you
    reflect deeply on it).

    In Don’t do that bro” there have been various episode were you guys have been
    comfortable with using a lot of words you admit you ought not to use. Along this
    time Dan became the angry white guy and your frustrations with the events,
    racism and the church poor response or empathy to some of these events made you

    So, Forth District and some of its programmes is not bothered or really
    necessarily on Christ centered perspectives and rather seems to be mainly
    focused on what the curators believe is Honest art.

    Forth and ten, Clock Radio Speakers and other forth district are exploring the
    world of sports, mainstream entertainment and culture, the guys are
    much more free to speak their minds in ways that may sometimes be against Christianity
    all in the name of keeping it real.

    If Lecrae has softened his stance on the gospel, then Forth has softened its
    stance as well but Lecrae gets a lot of criticism because he is extremely

  • R.L. Lee

    So one of the biggest issues I had with this episode, specifically the first segment, was completely judge someone’s motives for doing something with only a fraction of the information. How can you say someone is pedaling their faith simply to make more money from a wider audience with only half the information? Neither Gravity nor the Church Clothes albums nor did ATWT paint this “Joel Osteen sort of everything is roses and gravy” sort of life or Christianity. Gravity was a very darkish/heavy sort of album that wasn’t very rosy at all. And in all the interviews Crae did about this album he talked about the message of ATWT being the result of some hellish, depressing, anxiety riddled past couple years not simply a Christianese catch-phrase to dupe more listeners or followers to him. In all honestythis probably would have been a much better discussion had you all waited until you heard the album and listened to the interviews before discussing the matter. That’s my two cents.