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Off The Record | The NBA AK(After Kobe), Honest Art According To Tedashii, & Recreational Cannabis

Off The Record | 3 Brothers and A Redhead

“Off The Record” is Forth’s unfiltered roundtable podcast discussing all things life, art, and culture.

Every other week episodes featuring Forth’s staff and special guests as they dive into the hilarious and difficult realities of life. From Art, to Politics, to Culture join the Forth staff as they will make you will laugh, gain insight, and/or be offended. Tune in and let us know what you think.

Side A: The NBA AK(After Kobe), Honest Art According To Tedashii, & Recreational Cannabis

The guys return this week to discuss the NBA After Kobe, to have a sit down convo with Reach Records artist Tedashii, and to take questions from twitter.

The conversation begins with as the guys catch up and then debate the difference between Kobe and Steph Curry. What will the NBA be like after Kobe? And is Steph Curry actually a villain?

The guys then turn their attention to Tedashii. The crew sit down with the CHH artist to talk about his latest record, “This Time Around.”

Finally, the guys take some questions from Twitter. The questions range from the recreational use of Cannabis to the rise of Black Cinema. The debates get interesting as the guys talk late into the night.

Side B: 27 Black Stereotypes Buzz Feed Decided to Perpetuate: But Are Some Of Them True?

On Side B of this week’s episode the guys decide to go through Buzzfeed’s controversial 27 questions video but at least ask the question are any of the stereotypes true? Or how at least did these stereotypes come into being….

So Tune in and join the conversation on twitter: @ForthDistrict @AdanBean @DueOrDie @AmishoBaraka @Dandunc

  • Terry Taylor

    Damn!!!!! Y’all jumpin on the anime tip. lol Y’all funny as hell! shout out Sho, Dan, David and Adan. Keep up the excellent work brothas and red head brotha.

  • Tyshan Broden

    Great show guys. Side B reminded me again about how much yall need females on the show. My goodness! Can we get some ladies, PLEASE! The 26 questions were ridiculous though. Black people are not wondering these questions..smh. In the south some of this stuff is simply the difference between an assimilated black person and a culturally black, black person.

    On the hair tip…as yall said, this is a HUGE thing for women. Skin color and hair has deep roots with black women. I can meet strangers and we can talk for hours about hair. The part with black women not liking men dating outside the race also has to do with the fact that black women have been labeled the most unattractive race of women and we believe that we cant get anyone outside our race. At the same time a lot of black women want a black man. Statistically most black men marry black women but I guess the stereotype says otherwise. There is a good documentary on netflix that talks about skin color called Dark Girls.