Cheered on by Carol McDonald from Planned Parenthood Federation of America, women rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 11, 2013, to oppose legislation that would limit legal abortion.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Off The Record | Planned Parenthood: To Fund or Defund…That Is The Question

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Adan and three special guests (Harrison Smith, Timothy Welbeck and Kwajelyn Jackson) sit down to discuss the topic of Planned Parenthood and the extent to which it should or should not be funded.

Adan leads our guests, who come from both ends of the spectrum, through an amazing conversation on women’s services, government intervention, and taxpayer funding of abortion. There are points to be made on all sides and they offered here. Disagreement abounds, yet the group of four dig respectably into this hot topic with care and vigor.

This conversation seeks to push us closer towards understanding, truth and resolution. Join us in the comments section below as we dig for Truth!


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  • Tyshan Broden

    This conversation was rough and I really think more females should have been in the conversation. At some points I felt like Kwajelyn was cornered. She brings so much knowledge to the table and I felt like there should have been more women in the room who either had just as much to bring to the table (pro or con) because I felt why she was so passionate about keeping Planned Parenthood open and why she would like to see more because there are several women not getting anything and this fills the gaps because if we close all the planned parenthood offices are they going to open up more clinics to take their place so women can get proper health care? Okay that was one big run on sentence and I probably should fix it but Im not. Either way man….

    • Adán Bean

      Thanks so much for listening and the feedback Tyshan. I tried to moderate in a way that provided all guests to state their position fully, but I’ve heard from others (in particular Black women) who felt as though Kwajelyn was being spoken over or cornered. As a dear friend of mine, I would never ever want that to be the case. I agree that a possible remedy as well as just an enlightening addition overall would have been to have more women incorporated into the conversation. I was unable to secure any others at the time, and we had been holding off having the Planned Parenthood conversation for awhile up to this point. So I felt it best to proceed with having the discussion. Nonetheless, thank you for listening and critiquing – sincerely. It will only make us better as we try to provide an outlet for artists and thinkers moving forward.

      • Tyshan Broden

        That was a really gracious response to a very ungracious comment. Y’all do a great job every week. I rock with y’all in everything I just wish I lived in ATL sometimes so I can add more female perspective the the conversations

        • Dan Duncan

          Me too!!!