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Off The Record | Jay Z 4:44, The Rock 2020, and Trump Jr (Inmate 2190950)

The Unfiltered Conversation We Should Never Had Made Public…

Off The Record” is Forth’s unfiltered roundtable podcast discussing all things life, art, and culture.

Every week, Forth’s staff and special guests come together to discuss the hilarious and difficult realities of life. Whether Art, Politics, Culture or Spirituality, join the Forth staff as they will make you will laugh, gain insight, and/or be offended.

On this week’s episode Adán Bean, Yvette Ayana, Dan Duncan, and special guest Harlem’s Own Lyric sit down to discuss these burning questions:

1. Is Jay’s album really as good as the hype?
2. The Rock 2020…would you vote?
3. When will Trump finally fall?
4. What happens when you’re a “5” and you find yourself dating a “9”? #RobKardashian

So tune in as the crew debate, disagree, and build! Also join the conversation over at

  • Julian Christopher Benn

    did i just choke on a bone? another Off the Record in JULY? Good LORD!

  • Julian Christopher Benn

    and yes….i smiled really big when i heard Yvette’s voice!

  • Milimo

    Who can miss David or Sho when there is Yvette and Harlem’s Own Lyric?