Off The Record | 3 Years of Forth, Fidel, Kanye & More

Off The Record | Forth’s Unfiltered Triangle Table

“Off The Record” is Forth’s unfiltered roundtable podcast discussing all things life, art, and culture.

Every week Forth’s staff and special guests come together to as discuss the hilarious and difficult realities of life. From Art, to Politics, to Culture join the Forth staff as they will make you will laugh, gain insight, and/or be offended. Tune in and let us know what you think.

This Week In Forth…

On this week’s episode the guys reminisce the past three years of Forth District and some of their favorite stories. The guys also talk about Sho’s new album the Narrative and the albums response. Finally, they finish up rapid fire on the this week’s most pressing topics…i.e. Kanye.

  • Terry Taylor

    dope podcast guys. its about time Sho came back. great album to bro. fathers have me crying at my desk while im working. lol. keep up the wonderful podcast y’all.

  • glory2thee

    I can hear Nate twiddling his thumbs through 3/4’s of this podcast…HAHAHA