Music You Should Know About: Young Markk + Interview

Young Markk

You may have never heard of Young Markk before but as always, we are here to see dope new artists doing it right! Markk is recording artist out of Northern California, who is using his music to influence, bring hope, and motivate a dying generation. Not to mention his records will no doubt leave you bobbing your head.

We were introduced to Young Markk by a record label executive who told us that, “we needed to pay attention to this kid who was putting out dope art, while staying true to his independent vibe.” So we tuned in and were presently surprised. Markk is on his independent grind and what he lacks in budget he makes up for in content. He is raw is a perfect description of who he is and the art that he makes. We are looking forward to what’s next for this Emcee out of Cali and we think you will be hearing much more him very soon.

Check out his new mixtape on iTunes here


FD: What is your definition of Hip Hop?

YM: A story told over a beat.

FD: Why did you start doing Hip Hop?

YM: I was born to do this. When I was about 5 I would have visions of me performing in front of crowds. At the time I had no idea what they meant. From age 5 – 9 I would perform other rappers songs for my mom and her friends. At the age of 10 I started freestyling with my cousins and recording using my friends tape recorder. From age 12 – 16 I started battling and built a name for myself throughout my block & High School. Later on I would find myself rocking crowds and all those visions from when I was 5 came to mind.

FD: Why do you make music? What inspires you to make music?

YM: I make music because I love it. There is nothing that I would rather do than impact the world through my music. I am inspired by my City, my block, people.

FD: What’s wrong with the music industry right now?

YM: There is no individuality. Everybody sound the same. It’s okay to be influenced by another artist but when you start using the same exact type of beats, rhyme schemes and cadence as an artist in every song it’s no longer paying homage. It’s just called biting.

FD: What is was your thought process behind Kill, Kill, Kill (K.K.K)?

YM: I made the beat about 3 years ago to sell. One day I had a meeting with some artists so I was dumping all my beats to a flash drive when I came across the kill kill kill beat. I forgot all about it but as I listened to it I was like “Nah… I gotta keep this one”. So I added it to my ” Write -To ” Playlist. I went to the meeting, came back and started writing instantly. As I got half way through the 1st verse I started reflecting on things I’ve witnessed in my career and things iv’e heard from friends in the industry. A year prior I was approached by a label who offered a nice check. They said they loved my ability to produce and write but I had to change the content of my music if I wanted to do “Real Numbers”. I declined. Long story short, “Kill Kill Kill ” was influenced by not only my life experiences but everyday life decisions that are made based on moral sacrifice.

FD: What’s good art?

YM: Good art is something that can be praised 10 years from now. Art that is timeless, honest, original.

FD: What’s bad art?

YM: Bad art is the opposite of good art. Hahah.