#PayAttention| Childish Major + Matik Estrada “Community Service”

Truth Music

One of the things I appreciate in music, especially in rap music, is truth. This is that TRUTH music, that honest art. It’s not created to appease anyone else nor conform to anyone else’s box. This is that art that simply reflects the life, the struggle, and the dreams of the artists who created it.

Childish Major

Let me introduce to FD, Childish Major. This young producer/artist from the country streets of South Carolina first made waves when he produced Rocko’s comeback single “U.O.E.N.O.” The track turned heads and had me taking notes.

Family Matters

Major has teamed up with Matik Estrada, and to drop “Community Service.”

Most notable track to me is “Family Matters.” This is a joint that signaled this young artist was more than a producer with just one beat. This new record will gives a taste of what Childish Major is all about, bringing good music from the small town fields to the big city lights. With one line you can get the picture:

“Home is where the heart is. Homework and BBQs, sitting on the porch just watching the clouds cruise.”

Ever heard of the Nappy Roots? Their feel good song of “Po Folks” takes you back to who they really are and tells their life story. Childish and Matik are giving you that feel with “Family Matters”. That sit back in the chair, on the front porch, glass of kool-aid to just relax and as they say, watch the clouds cruise. We hope Major stays true to who he is and continues to bring that honest art.

So just sit back and relax and listen to the storytelling of Childish Major and Matik Estrada. 

  • DJPriest

    Wow. Really wanted to support Forth. Guess I failed in my due diligence. It was fun….

    • Dan Duncan

      Sorry to hear that!