Music You Should Know About| Aquilo + Marian Hill

Auilo + Marian Hill

Earlier this week I was sitting at my desk and an email notification grabbed my attention with the words, “Dan, THIS IS A MUST LISTEN.”

So naturally I ignored it.

Thankfully, a couple hours later on my ride home, I was sitting in enough traffic and the email came to mind. I pulled up the song on Spotify and once the beat dropped on this amazing song/remix my mind was blown. Questions flooded every thought, who was this artist? Who did the remix? Why have I never heard of these people? So I used my trusty hand computer while “sitting” in traffic and all my questions were answered.

Below you can find out about Aquilo and the people behind the remix, Marian Hill. As you read do your ears a favor and listen one more time!

Who is Aquilo?

Aquilo is a musical duo from Lancashire, England made up of Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher. They have begun to receive attention throughout the Uk for their songs “You There” and “Human.”

Their music can be described as calm electro-pop that transfixes audiences with an ocean of synths and effects. The duo has already created an amazing buzz with just their second EP Human which released December 8th 2014.

The duo is just half of the PB&J though. The other complementary half to this jaw dropping song is the duo that remixed it Marian Hill.

Who is Marian Hill

Philadelphia electronic pop duo Marian Hill is made up of Jeremy Lloyd (production/songwriting) and Samantha Gongol (vocals/songwriting). The two can trace their friendship and music making as far as a middle school. It was there at a talent show that Llyod got a glimpse of his better halfs singing ability.

Music took the two different directions until it brought them back together in 2014 to fuse the influences of Ella Fitzgerald & Drake to create a unique electro/R&B sound with blues and jazz influences.

  • Ruth

    great music! Adding to my list

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the recommendation. Some of the best music I’ve heard in awhile.