Make a Statement: Stand Out In Camo This Summer

From Warfare to Fashion

The advent of trench and aerial warfare in World War I gave rise to the strategy and art of cloaked battle dress. This unprecedented collaboration among soldiers, naturalists and artists alike presented the world with a new print – “camouflage.” Borrowed from the French word camoufler, or “to disguise,” this print, designed for its ability to conceal is used today to make a statement. Over the last few seasons we’ve seen a slow rise in the use of camouflage in fashion, and in 2014 it has officially arrived as a true staple print.

Jump on the “Camo Train”

I have been a fan of camo prints for a long time. One of my favorite t-shirts is a camouflage one I’ve had since I was 12 years old (yes, it still fits and I’m really glad I hung on to it). For me, the print has always been an essential in my personal style. However, unless you are an early fashion adapter, you probably don’t currently own many camo items. It’s time to get your hands on a couple pieces.

The trick, like anything with personal style, is to not overdo it. Start small. Work this print into a watchband or pocket square and see where it takes you. Plenty of mainstream retailers have killer options such as J. Crew and ASOS. There’s also the possibility of grabbing a vintage piece and truly impressing. Whatever you do, just keep an eye out. Watch as the trend continues to grow and see where you can utilize it.


Andrew Averso is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design as well as an entrepreneur and designer at Love & Ambition.

  • Drew

    Got a 7 year old pair of cut off digi camo shorts that I made from a pair of pants from the army surplus store down town. Been on camo for a while. I guess that’s a by product of being an army kid.