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WE EP: 2 | John Richards – Founder of In God We Must


Church Politics | 2020 and the Economy

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Forth and Ten | Elbows Sweat, Moist Seals, Draymond vs Cheerleaders


Pioneer Spirit | Dave Crawford X Professional Photographer

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WE EP: 1 | Joe Gonzales: Creative Director, Cinematographer, Photographer

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F&T | New Boobs, Spoiler Alert, and Stranger Danger


Pioneer Spirit | SEASON 1 Kick Off With Dan Duncan “Killing the Dream”


Church Politics | Mueller Report Drops


Forth And Ten |Big Baller Busts, JLO Sucks, Nate’s Favorite Snacks

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F&T | Westbrook’s War, Knicks So Soft, & Street Magicians with Aaron Chewning


Church Politics | Controversies Abound and Jack Alexander’s “The God Impulse”


Forth And Ten | Trailer Park Titanic, S’ing, and Lebron Misses The Playoffs


Church Politics | Feinstein, North Korea Talks and Bernie Jumps In 2020 Race

Church Politics

Church Politics | National Emergencies and Walls

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Forth And Ten | Nate says the P Word, Tim T Wins Again, and Black Questions


Off The Record | Orange Juice in Cereal and Living Off A Million A Day….