Kendrick Lamar's stunning new video for 'Humble' was directed by Dave Meyers

Kendrick Lamar Humbly Delivers Again #Dreamer

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE: A Video To Watch Again and Again

Yesterday, K.Dot turned all the proverbial heads as social media exploded with talk of his new video for, what could be his first single off his upcoming album, Humble.

On April 7th, Kendrick is poised to deliver another record breaking album while continuing his musical journey which we have been on for six albums; exploring growth, religion, and God. Never one to pull punches, Lamar’s first visual offering stuns as well as pleases. A video you must watch four or five times because of its complexity and subtle genius, Kendrick has clearly not lost a step since we last saw him.

The video is directed by Dave Meyers and The Little Homies. Meyers is a name you may not know but you have seen his videos. From Apple commercials to Missy Elliot’s – “Work It,” the man is a legend. The Little Homies have served Top Dawg Entertainment as their defacto visual team, creating incredible videos including Lamar’s Alright (Maybe the Best Video Of All Time.)

Humble is visual feast with five or six main courses

Humble is visual feast with five or six main courses, including Kendrick in Jesus’ seat at The Last Supper, Kendrick in a sea of black heads, and Kendrick passing the Grey Poupon. The metaphors abound but the subtly of where those metaphors take you and how they are interwoven with his verses is the genius.

The video has already passed 4 million views in less than 24 hours and now Kendrick has us right where he wants us one week shy of his release date.