Interview w/ Ms. Natalie Lauren: Cliff Notes, Her Next Album, & What’s Next For High Society

We sat down with Natalie Lauren to get the latest about her Cliff Notes EP, her upcoming album, and to ask about what was next for the High Society Collective.

Don’t forget to go download Natalie’s “Cliff Notes” Ep on Noise Trade.

  • Dp Jolly

    Does that sound like John Givez?????????????

  • Rajuan

    Sounds like Christon Gray to me

    • Grant Falk

      But J.R. is already on it. I’d love to see Christon on it but I feel like J.R. already has the type of sound Christon would bring.

  • manur

    High society has to stay like it is please

  • David Joseph Diaz

    Christon Gray tho. I needs this!!!

  • David Joseph Diaz

    Maybe Mali? Maybe John Gives?