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Forth And Ten | The One With #WolfFights, Jordan’s Ceiling Roof, and Tebow Plays Baby Bingo?

Forth And Ten | Three Comics & Ten Topics

Forth & Ten is a sports talk podcast hosted by three of the funniest comedian/sports fans in Atlanta: Nate Owens(iam_owens), David Perdue(@DueOrDie), and Damon Sumner(@DamonJr). On every episode the guys will take on 10 topics related to sports across the country and generally be hilarious along the way! So tune in to what might be the most ridiculous/awesome sports podcast…EVER?

On This Episode The Guys Talk:

1. Arian Foster vs Wolf
2. Jordan’s Roof Ceiling #Yoggi
3 . Tebow Wants a Baby From Every Continent
4. Knicks Go No Music #Awkaward
5. Jeanie vs Bros #Lakers
6. Towns Sr vs T-Wolves
7. Nate Hates: Disney Remakes
8. Mayweather Car Fire
9. Ross is fast. NFL Combine
10. David #BitBreakdown