Forth and Ten | The One About White Man Sports, NCAA Beer Money, & Beanie Weenies feat. Special Guest Chris Burnette

Forth And Ten: 3 Comics, 10 Topics, 1 Podcast

Forth & Ten is a sports talk podcast hosted by three of the funniest comedian/sports fans in Atlanta: Nate Owens(iam_owens), David Perdue(@DueOrDie), and Damon Sumner(@DamonJr). On every episode the guys will take on 10 topics related to sports across the country and generally be hilarious along the way! So tune in to what might be the most ridiculous/awesome sports podcast…EVER?

On This Episode The Guys Debate:

1. Is D’Angelo Williams Really That Cheap?
2. Obama’s Big Ears and Steph Curry
3. Lochte Loses Again
4. Nat’l Anthem Protest Continues
5. Adam Jones and “White Man” Sports
6. Nate Hates NCIS: Special Victims
7. College GameDay Beer Money
8. Hall of Fame Speeches & A.I’s Missing Eyebrows
9. Rugby Kid and Tonka Trucks
-Florida State at Louisville
-Alabama at Ole Miss
-Georgia at Missouri
-Ohio State at Oklahoma