Forth And Ten | Nate says the P Word, Tim T Wins Again, and Black Questions

Forth & Ten is a sports talk podcast hosted by three of the funniest comedian/sports fans in Atlanta: Nate Owens(@iam_owens), David Perdue(@DueOrDie), and Damon Sumner(@DamonJr). Its Christmas, tune in while while we wait on Bowl Games and can’t take our families anymore….

Full Show Run Down:

1. Murray/draft or no draft
2. Brady bumping 50’s “many men” to haters
3. fans scolded for throwing snowballs
4. Chicago goes 0-100/Average Joes are good at what?
5. Serena new ambassador for Bumble
6. President dinner and fast food
7. D. Booker in a four woman fiasco
8. N. Collision retired number worthy?
9. Tebow engagement
10. M. Ingram dance party in a towel only