First Spins: SWOOPE #SAMETEAM + Video

“Even players on the bench get rings too!!” #sashavujacic

Music, historically, is not a team sport. Most artists see anyone else in their lane as competition, a road block to their personal success and fame. So they try to be better, they try to be different, and most importantly, they try to stand alone.

The road to success has been paved by artists who, by any means necessary, roll over anyone in their way that they deem even the slightest threat. That’s why you see so much beef between artists because, as they see it, glory is a limited resource. Something to be taken from others, something to be gained or lost. But…then there was #SameTeam

If this is the first time you have heard the name Swoope its time to #PayAttention. This talented Emcee lyrically is like having the NBAJAM cheat code so you always are on fire and his newest single is no exception. #BBBBBBBUpYB

#SAMETEAM, coming off his upcoming album Sinema, is a song that highlights unity across the industry. It is a song that says no to the mainstream and yes to honest art. #SameTeam is the anthem for artists who stand UNITED calling for a new world where brand and accolades are not the goal. Its here that Glory is an unlimited resource and competition is simply a match between You and the Potential You. The song brings it and the video is simple while driving home the point that everyone is on the #SameTeam

On this track you have Swoope (Collision Records), Dre Murray (Collision), Yaves (Indie), Tedashii (Reach Records), J Givens (Humble Beast) and John Givez (Dream Junkies). The length of this song makes it feel like a super track like Sugar Hill Gang “Rappers Delight” back in the day and every bit of this goes hard. For some, this track may be too long but for what the song sets out to accomplish, its perfect!

If LSD and #SameTeam are any indication of what Sinema is going to be, then I am all in with anticipation. If you haven’t pre-ordered the album, go to iTunes now!

  • ADThomason

    No song?

  • Tyshan Broden

    I think I first heard this song on either Wade-O or sound cloud during a workout. I love it! I pre-ordered a while back and Im super excited about what Swoope is bringing to the table. So far I like what Im hearing. This review is very accurate.

  • R.L. Lee

    Yeah I pre-ordered the album the day it went up and my expectations are definitely way up there. And from what I’ve been hearing thus far, it’s right there.