First Spins- Social Club: Benjamin Trillington

“Religious people don’t feel me, we got nominated for some award but I don’t care cause I’m still me”

Social Club

Marty & Fernie are back with another banger called “Benjamin Trillington .” If this is your first experience with Social Club, its time to pay attention. This duo has been putting out their own brand of Hip Hop for some time and we are fans to say the least. These dudes are honest, original, and not trying to fit into anyone’s box. #Thankyou

Been Trill is exhibit “Z” showing us once again Social Club is going to do Social Club. This duo loves music, dope beats and scribble lines that make you wonder what could be said next; i.e. the first line in “Been Trill.” We will agree that leaving your kids in the car is bad parenting but somewhat shocking as the first line in a song. From the drop Marty and Fern have you scratching your head and nodding at the same time. #Ambidextrous

Like we said this is their brand of HipHop, their world, and we are just enjoying the ride.

Benjamin Trillington

As they say, they put emo rhymes over trap beats and you know what, I’ll take more of these “emo flows over trap beats” any day! Social Club has come full circle like those tight jeans everyone is wearing now!

Is this what’s to come on the next album? Are we going to get a continuation of Misfits 2? Social Club will always keep us guessing so, Marty & Fernie, keep it up! #TurnUp

  • Tyshan Broden

    I was listening to this before work this morning. I love how Social Club is truly their own group. They say so much in a song and so randomly