First Spins: Natalie Lauren “Pills and Potion”

A Feel Good Smooth

Is there really anything better than a record that fuses singing and rapping together?

One of my favorite songs of all time is Regulate by Warren G & Nate Dogg (R.I.P.). Any time that song comes on, it puts me in a feel good mood. Its just so smooth.

For example, in the midst of a heated conversation and the Heat/Spurs game last night, Regulate came on and it seemed as if all was well at that time. For me at least, for Lebron, thats a probably a different story. I Digress…

Pills and Potion

I say all of that to say, the creativity of singing and rapping together is a much needed fusion lacking in the market. Now we bring you Natalie Lauren- Pills and Potions Freestyle. This song has an amazingly smooth and melodic feel to it, not to mention the content is off the charts dope. The song explains the pain of a friend that has had a relapse back into drugs and shares their story.

“We’re all addicted too, Pills and potions, we’re all just coping, life as we know it but still”

Natalie has an uncanny ability to draw you in and cause you to feel the story as if it were your own . If you haven’t checked out Natalie, give her a listen and take a ride through the journey of who she is and the stories that she will tell!

Check out Pills and Potions here:

  • BlackCanseco

    I still refer to her as Suzy Rock—always thought that was a dope name. But Natalie Lauren is just an amazing talent. I have no clue where God’s gonna push this girl, but hopefully it means more music for the rest of us.

    This song is getting added to my Red Eyes Blue Skies EP!

  • Aristide Minlo

    my repeat button broke down. really like may the Lord still continue to use you to bless his people

  • Robert Hooke Jakech

    SIMS is my girl but, Nicki’s original is way too on top,no disrespect!!