First Spins: Lecrae “Nuthin”

“They be talking ‘bout the same ‘ol thang i’mma have to call a foul in the game”

Lecrae is back and he is coming with a vengeance! He last left us with Church Clothes vol. 2, a free EP that you can cop here.

Yesterday Lecrae dropped “Nuthin,” the first single off his upcoming album Anomaly. Lets just say he is picking right up where he left off. #StankFace

The Song: Nuthin

For those unfamiliar with this rising star, let us introduce you. Lecrae describes himself as, “Im south side chicago, I’m southwest atlanta, I’m compton with manners, I’m good truth and bad grammar.” As a fan of music, I’m always looking for something with substance, and lets be honest, most of whats out there is recycled bars about cars, money and degrading women. At the end of this song, Lecrae gives a great explanation of why he feels that people are talking about ‘Nuthin.’

“Hey man, the way I see it, I think we are made for more than just the simple things that we aspire towards. We are made for more than just telling stories or how much money we can get by selling poison to people. Its time to talk about who we are and who we can be, man, we need to build each other up, not put each other down. I feel like we ain’t talking about nuthin right now.”

The Production

For the hip-hop head, the second you hear this beat it will take you back ten years, to that summer day you were riding around with one of your boys just nodding your heads. #BackToTheFuture

The Doc Brown of this beat is a producer that you should know about who goes by the name Gawvi. He is from the west coast and can absolutely tear apart a beat and give you some heat in the process. Gawvi definitely didn’t disappoint with this track at all.

If this is any indication of what to expect off of his next album Anomaly, then we are in for some dope art from Lecrae and his team. Musically, the team at ReachRecords, might be one of the most progressive in the business. #JustSaying

Also shout out to Kyle Dettman for the one shot heli video! Great addition to the release of this song!

  • Anthony Darrell

    The dude just consistently drops quality lyrics over quality production. He may never get “best spitting” conversation, but he’s one of the most memorable artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of following. The craft, the heart passion, and the identity are keen man. Straight up.

  • Tyshan Broden

    My Sunday school teacher hit me up with her opinion of the song and now I read this and Im forced to form my own opinion. I think the song is dope. I love the video, its great…the slow motion backward just gives so much to the song. Imma have to keep listening to this one though to get better thoughts and not just excitement about a release. #firstspin