First Spins: Dee-1, “Jason Geter”

Why do artists spend so much time looking for handouts?

“Things didn’t work the way I thought they would but I’d rather learn by going thru it……The journey is more important than the destination.”

One of my favorite artists right now is Dee-1, out of New Orleans. I’ve been able to see his career from the Psalms of David mixtape to where it is now.

Dee recently put out a new song called “Jason Geter” that shines a light on the start of his music career. A lot of hip-hop artists can really learn from this song. The music is straight forward and dope, but it’s the lyrics and the story that Dee is telling throughout this song that really deserves the attention.


“Them boys ain’t stoppin and them boys ain’t skippin, yeh them boys on a mission so you better pay attention…Shut Up and Grind”

The title of this song is a perfect relation to artists and the music business. A lot of musicians this day want handouts to make a career. No one is wanting to put in the work of grinding out their career. The practice, the time you put on your craft to make a mixtape isn’t always it.

Most of the time, there’s more to go with it. You know, most artists that get discovered are found by creating a movement. Your grind shows how much you believe in your craft as an artist, worker, person, etc. If you don’t put in the work, why should a label or other artist put their time and effort into you?

Some advice in today’s age of technology: make covers for your demo’s put them in cd cases, have a business card, present it to an artist professionally (Don’t throw it on stage! I’ve seen this happen in person).

Don’t write on your demo in sharpie and just hand it over as a cd or a cd wrapped in a paper towel. Care about your craft and what you do.

I “Jason Geter” Dee-1 recounts how he went about trying to get a demo to Mr. Jason Geter. He created a craft, put pride in his product, did his research on where Grand Hustle was located, and decided he would get there no matter what. He knew he wouldn’t get to T.I. but knew he could get to his manager.

You have to think of these things to be a smart business man. He called a friend to crash on his couch for the week and found out where Mr. Geter was from social media. What a novel idea, huh?!

“No matter what, try your ABSOLUTE HARDEST”

So I won’t ruin the story and song for you. But Dee started with a dream and did the work to get where he wanted to go by just going and doing it. Not writing music letters to labels and artists, or throwing demo’s on stage, or showing up to an artist’s house, or stealing their beats and changing their song to feature that artist to show that they could sound good together.

You really want some advice? Take this advice from Dee-1 himself when I spoke with him today and asked what he would say to artist today about the grind:

“No matter what, try your ABSOLUTE HARDEST!!! Because that way, whether you make it or not, you’ll make sense of the peace you’ll have because you know you gave it all. In the end, it’s all in God’s hands but it’s great to know that you did all you could do to succeed.”

What will you do to be an artist? Just look for handouts or Shut up and Grind?!

You can listen to “Jason Geter” here via audiomack.


Dee-1 has released the official music video for “Jason Geter”. Watch it here:

  • Jerry Doby

    Getting ready to interview this artist tomorrow…found your article during my last minute research. Awesome piece.