First Spins: CANON-LCV2


Oh my!! If you thought that you were about to embark on yet another watered down, talentless, lyrically weak album of the CHH variety, well you would be highly mistaken. The Chicago, IL native Canon, is back with Loose Canon Vol. 2 for your ears.

Canon’s sophomore album isn’t for the faint of heart. With new producers, production and a team of people within RMG they have raised the bar delivering a product on par with EVERY new release out there.

From top to bottom, from Go Off to Motivation, we get a sound and a style from Canon that we are not accustomed to but can definitely get used to hearing. Canon has grown so much over the years and as a fan of music in general, you want to see an artist that you follow and support, grow in their craft and this is definitely the case here.

Hearing this album makes me want more from Canon. I am left wanting. If this is where Canon’s craft is going then I can’t wait to see what else is next from this tongue twisting rapper! So listen closely and carefully because you might just miss what you have been wanting and needing to hear for a long time now!


If you are on Spotify Listen Here or head over to iTunes and buy it!

  • Tyshan Broden

    This is literally my sentiments exactly. Canon is growing so much and I love the shift in production. I remember when the album ended and I was like, “it’s over??”

  • Phil Shobo

    Love this brother. I feel like he is one of the hardest working if not the hardest working artist in the genre and it shows. dope EP