Don’t Do That Bro | To The Gym Rats, The Creepers, and The Lone Wolf(s)

*Just a warning what you’re about to listen to is a #DDTBro conversation and is meant for and directed to the male of the species. Ladies proceed with caution. What lies ahead is both informative and hilarious but is “unfiltered manliness.”

Don’t Do That Bro | Life Caddies For The Men In This World

On this episode of DDTB host Jon Parker sits down with co-host Dan Duncan to talk through three types of dudes who all need a life caddie: The Gym Rat, The Creeper, and The Lone Wolf. And the reality is, every dude has had one of these #DDTBro moments.

So tune in as Dan and JP help all men shed the LULULemon yoga pants, lose the GPS trackers, and help all men find some accountability.