Don’t Do That Bro | The Art Of Winning At Weddings aka Wedding Feng Shui

*Just a warning what you’re about to listen to is a #DDTBro conversation and is meant for and directed to the male of the species. Ladies proceed with caution. What lies ahead is both informative and hilarious but is “unfiltered manliness.”

Don’t Do That Bro | Life Caddies At Your Service

On this episode of DDTB host Jon Parker sits down with co-host Dan Duncan to talk about Wedding Season. The goal here: Help Dudes find their wedding flow…whether you are the groom, groomsman, or just enjoying the party, you need this episode.

So tune in as Dan and JP help all men gain some perspective, invest in what’s important, and stay away from that moment when you giggle in the mirror(just listen to find out)….

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  • http://emptywonderlandcollective.tumblr.com Julian Christopher Benn

    this is the best episode cover. i just want you to know that.

    • Dan Duncan

      haha Thank You and thanks for tuning in!