Don’t Do That Bro | For The Those That Date To Marry & Those Seeking A “Pause”

*Just a warning what you’re about to listen to is a #DDTBro conversation and is meant for and directed to the male of the species. Ladies proceed with caution. What lies ahead is both informative and hilarious but is “unfiltered manliness.”

Life Caddies For Men aka Don’t Do That Bro

On this episode of DDTB host Jon Parker sits down with co-host Dan Duncan to talk about the “Art of The Pause” but first the guys have to make men great again by addressing the men in this world that “Date To Marry.” Laddies this first part is for you…Tune In!

Then JP and Dan dive into helping guys execute a dating pause to perfection…and how when not to pause but simply man up and cut the cord.