Dear Forth | Armond Wakeup – Sweeter

Dear Forth,

God loves putting you in situations that make you realize #1 you aren’t as satisfied in Him as you believe you are (thanks to my dog Jana for that quote) #2 you experience enough of Him to know when you’re operating in His strength vs your own. Working with a record label to create this album after doing my thing independently for nearly 15 years has been a stretch (putting it lightly). It has tested any patience, resolve, & control issues I have. It has also made me realize that “Christ alone” is not a cliche, but it should be “life” as the hoopers say.

I can safely say every bar that was written for this album has been birthed out of worship. I run sound at my local fellowship & in between turning knobs & adjusting levels, I try to dip in & out of focusing on the Lord, giving Him His just due amongst the brethren. Everytime I approach Him sincerely & not distracted (harder than I’ll admit), He meets me there. He literally put this entire song together.

J. Rhodan & Tee Wyla have been handling the lion’s share of the production for this album (Doc has the intro, which is incredible). J sent me a batch of records late one Saturday night (3 of which ended up making the album), so Sunday, I’m on the soundboard, halfway looping the beats J sent in my head, & I start telling God who He is to me “I never knew I needed You, until I needed You”

Uh oh…

In that moment the song just came to me. Wrote it in about 20 minutes. Even knowing that I would bring the 1st verse back & build on it to create the 2nd verse. When to drop the drums, etc etc. It all just came to me. Like an epiphany. (ba doom pssh)

I know there is plenty to talk about in our world nowadays. & the Christian perspective is needed now more than ever. But we can’t give a Christian perspective without giving Christ first. I’ve spent so many years trying to artistically fit Jesus into situations & perspectives…but finally I’ve realized that He is the situation & He is the perspective. Until we grasp that, we can talk until we’re blue in the face but our words & lifestyles won’t have the same impact, Jesus truly is Sweeter than the best thing ever, beyond words, beyond a feeling, He just IS. 10 years into my walk as a Christian I finally get that. Hopefully this song & this album will reveal that to people.

-Armond Wakeup