Clock Radio Speakers | Wu-Tang #Definitive15

Clock Radio Speakers is a (mostly) weekly podcast hosted by Armond & Doc that goes in-depth on what’s new in Hip-Hop and R&B music. Armond is an MC currently living in Columbus, OH. Doc is sometimes a producer, sometimes an engineer, and always opinionated. Check out the new episode!

Episode 266 Side A: Wu-Tang #Definitive 15 (Part 1)

Armond & Doc return to catch up on some Kanye leaks and speculate about what this ‘4:44’ stuff is all about before beginning their #Definitive15 conversation about Wu-Tang Clan (and yes, that includes solo albums).

Episode 266 Side B: Wu-Tang #Definitive 15 (Part 2)

Armond & Doc continue on with their #Definitive15 conversation about the Wu-Tang Clan, and go wayyyyy deep on near misses and honorable mentions (as if you expected any less).